It was the birth of my son that stirred my passion for writing. I dabbled in short stories, blogging and wrote a full length children’s novel that is still on my hard drive and which I periodically peruse with nostalgia because nothing ever came of it.

Then, my daughter was born and somehow, on one of those sleepy, middle of the night feeds, I pulled out my e-reader and found a free book.  It was Historical Romance – The Beauty Bride by Claire Delacroix. I was hooked.

I was reminded about my love for romance. I spent my adolescence reading Sweet Valley High and Sweet Dreams books, peppered in with Danielle Steele as I got older. Once I became an English teacher, I moved towards literary fiction and left my love for romance aside. *sigh*.

I look at my two beautiful children and I know that they can be anything they want to be.  But, how can I tell them that when mommy hasn’t tried to be what she really wants to be: a published writer?

This process has been enriched by my journey into yoga. Recently, I became a yoga instructor and it was been nothing short of life-changing.

And, so, here I am. I have written a full length Regency entitled Capturing a Countess’ Heart which is in the editing stage. And I will publish it. I will.

In the meantime, I will blog about writing, my publishing journey, my yoga journey. And, I will gladly re-blog and link to the blogs who interact here

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