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Illness: A Blessing in Disguise?

In November of 2019, my body gave me lots of signs that I needed to pay attention to my health. I had two choices: succumb to fear and the very dark places your mind likes to go or realize…I have no information other than… Continue Reading “Illness: A Blessing in Disguise?”

Fidgeting and Fussing

At yoga practice, the instructor made a comment about the ways we tend to distract ourselves on our mat when we find a pose difficult or challenging or perhaps, in our perception, too easy. If we pay attention, we can see these tendencies off… Continue Reading “Fidgeting and Fussing”

Suo Jure. Wait. What?

What does this mean? in his/her own right  â€”used especially following the title of a noblewoman to specify that she holds the title independently of her husband Merriam-Webster Dictionary I love the idea of women having some kind of opportunity to be themselves in a… Continue Reading “Suo Jure. Wait. What?”

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