Review: The Duke’s Disaster

The Good: The novel began with a bang - a really great concept with lots of tension and promise for a wonderful novel Noah Winters is a great alpha Thea Collins is a believable heroine with an interesting backstory Noah's support of Thea near the end is touching (expected, but nicely written nonetheless) I wish I... Continue Reading →

Glue Readers to Your Story #amwriting

The inciting incident in a work of fiction is what gets the plot moving.  Think of it as the first flashy set of fireworks that leads into an awesome display which lights up the sky and sets up the crescendo at the end.  In other words, it will also lead directly to the climax. A superb... Continue Reading →

Slow Going on The Duke’s Disaster

Was super excited to read: When I started, I felt like: (cue the chirping birds) My surroundings are of course not quite so serene, but you get the idea. A few chapters in and I'm feeling more like: I don't want to feel this way...and I will finish the novel fully hoping for a reversal... Continue Reading →

Dream Deferred #amwriting

Dreams have to be put aside for a plethora of reasons - some valid, some are mere excuses because we fear failure. It is our most sacred duty to ourselves to be true to who we are and what we want to achieve with the time we have been granted on this earth. I refuse... Continue Reading →

How to Plot Your Romance Novel #amwriting

Every word counts.  I tend to skim and skip passages when I feel the plot of a novel is not moving.  So I try to put myself in my future reader's shoes (or, eyes) and make every effort to ensure the plot is not stagnant. My notes as an English teacher inspired me, as did... Continue Reading →

Review: Falling Into Bed with a Duke

The Good: Minerva Dodger quickly became one of my favourite heroines because she knows herself and is beyond strong. Ms. Heath creates a female protagonist who is confident in every aspect of her life and relationships - except, in love.  This is something that many women of the modern age experience.  The biggest lesson Minerva... Continue Reading →

Giddy Over New TBR

I spent five minutes browsing Kobo and this is what happened: I decided to get started on on my goodreads TBR shelf and looked up Lorraine Heath's Falling into Bed with a Duke.  And then of course, Grace Burrowes' books were on sale at 2 for 3. And while perusing Pinterest, Melissa Foster pinned that her... Continue Reading →

Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

  The Good: Cam Rohan - can a writer bring to life a sexier alpha male protagonist?!? This guy is HOT!!!  Rich.  Clever.  Perceptive.  Considerate.  In control.  Suave.  The list is endless... Introduction to the Hathaway clan is superbly handled by Ms.Kleypas - it is a big family.  Each Hathaway is portrayed so that we... Continue Reading →

A Romance Novel About Marriage?

The idea about a novel which focuses on the romantic aspects of marriage intrigues me. Ok, stop laughing.  I realize romantic marriage is almost an oxymoron. As I enter my 40s and my 10th year of marriage, with 2 children (how's that for stats and numbers?) I realize that marriage isn't at all like falling... Continue Reading →

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